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MSDS sheets for Christians?



Hey everyone, from the Bald, Babbling, Blogging, Bassist,

My random though for this month is “if we as Christians were required to have MSDS sheets what would they say?”

For those that may not know, MSDS sheets are for chemicals, products, etc that list the interactions, chemical properties, etc that consumers need to be careful of in the use and handling of said product. Things like interaction with other chemicals, safe transportation and general warnings, etc.

So this got me to thinking…how do we as Christians “react” to others (both inside and outside of the church)? Are there certain precautions that others need to be watchful for when we are in close proximity? Should we have signs on our backs that say “contents under pressure”? “May Cause skin irritation”? “Contact with others can cause frostbite”?

The gospel of Mark chapter 12 verse 31 (NIV) says “Love your neighbor as yourself” and then Mark concludes with a stab to the heart “there is no greater commandment”. Jesus also said in the Gospel of Luke chapter 10 verse 27 (NIV) to “Love God with all you heart, understanding and strength” and then dropped the bombshell “AND love your neighbor as yourself”

It’s clear that God wants us to love others as He loves others…meaning unconditional and with grace and mercy. It is also clear that a chemical or property would not need a MSDS sheet if it only interacted with chemicals or properties of its own kind. So I ask you as well as myself…are we ready to interact and treat others the same way we treat ourselves? And in doing so shred all the “MSDS” sheets in our personal lives and in our churches today?

Until next time ETG (Embrace the groove)

In His service,




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