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Musicians needed from across the globe…


got worship? Media is about to engage in some sweet studio stuff for worship around the globe and we need your help!  Do you play an instrument and have the studio capability or home-studio capability to record yourself playing?  WE WANT YOU!  Whether you are from Nashville, Tennessee or deep in the heart of Africa – we want to hear from you.  Fill out a simple form below and we will buzz you back in email with some details of a few upcoming exciting projects. 

Be a part of something HUGE – and join us in assembling a worship band from across the globe!  Don’t play an instrument but sing?  We want to know it! Fill out the form!   Can’t sing or play?  Help us spread the word about this project like wildfire!  Below this post are several buttons that will aide you in sharing this post on twitter, facebook, and other social media sites.  Pass the article along to all of your friends in all countries.

Ready? Set? Go!