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My Daughter’s "Dream"

My daughter has recently turned seven and is learning about Martin Luther King this past week in school. Her teacher gave her a project at school – to write down what she dreams about. Now, we are used to the normal with her :

I dream I’ll be a princess one day…

I dream that I’ll be a cook…

I dream that I’ll be like Cinderella…

…but it was what she wrote that touched me and her mother – so after almost being to the point of tears…I sat her down in front of a mic and had her read her “I Have A Dream” project from school.

Feel free to click on the link to hear her read it. I’ve also included the text below (in her cute mis-spellings) so that you can follow along.

Click here to hear her read her “dream”.

I Have A Dream

by Amber Whitehorn

I want all people to not have to pay alot. because they mite use up all of their money and will be poor. so please don’t use so much money.

I want all snakes to not have pooysen. because if they do the mite bite somewon and and that porson will be hurt. so work hard to not git close to a snake. I want all test to not be hard. because if it is you will git itleste something wrong.

I want every body to Love God and Jesus and beleave in God and Jesus. I want everybody to go to church. And when people go to church don’t be mean cause God and Jesus don’t respect that because that is a sin.