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Never Forget The ONE


We are blessed to have a God who loves us enough to have sent His Son to die for us….for us!!. We shouldn’t need anything else I’m life past that point…yet God rewards us with many things.

For some of us…we get to be blessed with the opportunity to stand on a stage and lead others in worship. Wow! What an honor!

Here’s where the problem has been creeping in with some leaders…

…we forget that the stage is just a physical structure.

It’s true. We tend to forget that, since there is a stage – that since we face a different direction than the congregation (and the congregation left facing you) – that since we have spotlights on us and, perhaps, even a following on social media because of the pedestal we are placed on….

…that we tend to forget that NONE of it is about us in the first place.

Forget the stage and lights…and mentally remove the barrier between stage and audience…and let’s remember that we are all there to worship before and audience of One…

…and that He and He alone deserves the accolades that we are tempted to take.

God, humble me to remember and live by those words until the day I die.