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New Album from Journey Rocker Jonathan Cain – “What God Wants To Hear”

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-10-51-09-amI have the honor to hear lots of great albums before they are available to the public – but I have to admit the younger days in me came out a bit when I learned that Jonathan Cain, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist for legendary rock band Journey was about to release a new solo album.  Above that – the song was a total devotion of songs to Cain’s God and King.  What could be better?

It should be no surprise, though.  Years ago, Cain’s father gave him inspiration in three words that none of us could ever forget – for he immortalized them in one the Top 20 Classic Rock Songs of all time – “Don’t Stop Believing”.  He hasn’t stopped believing since.  Cain wanted to be a priest at an early age.  When he was in the third grade, he survived a devastating fire at his school in Chicago.  Sadly, 92 of his fellow students and three nuns did not survive.  It was out of these days that his faith-journey began.  His earthly father told him to never stop believing.  His Heavenly Father keeps him Believing.jonathan-cain

The co-writer of songs like “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Open Arms” and writer of “Faithfully” now brings his solo album What God Wants To Hear.  The album is a 13 track declaration of weathering professional and personal storms, Cain declares, “Only God can take a mess and turn it into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into victory.”

I have to admit – it is hard not to listen to some of the songs and not hear hints of the Journey sound.  In a sense, however,
it is Cain that has put much of the band’s known feel for music into the songs they produce.  The music in this album underscores every emotion in every lyric.  This is so emotionally felt in songs like “Because of The Blood”.

There are plenty of songs that could immediately be placed into a song set into today’s modern worship set (“Have Your Way With Us”, “This House”) – and songs that are radio-ready (“Deeper than Deep”) and the entire album is great for personal reflection and praise.

The album releases October 21st on Identity Records.