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New Album from UPPERROOM “To The One” Releasing Feb 22

To The One
The Fuel Music

Sounds Like: Bethel Music, All Sons & Daughters

Available on iTunes and in stores:  February 22, 2019

You may have never heard of UPPERROOM, but you have heard their music.  Michael  W. Smith blazed the way with the song “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)”.  It is a brilliant song that may surprise some of our readers to know – actually has verses!  The song was originally written by the songwriters of the UPPERROOM and appears on the new album To The One.  The songs on To The One have been uniquely curated by UPPERROOM’s songwriters as they gathered together to expand melodies and lyrics spontaneously received in the ministry’s Morning/Noon/Night Prayer Room.

The new music includes the title track that is meant to magnify the Majesty of Jesus, “Healer,” a song inspired by Psalm 68 that expresses how God heals even in the aftermath of grief, “You and You Alone,”a grateful anthem that breaks through the wiles of tribulation and struggles in our daily lives, and “Washed,” which declaresthe truth of victory over sin and failure.

“We believe these songs will inspire the Church to gaze solely, in awe and wonder, at Jesus,” says Elyssa Smith, who leads worship at UPPERROOM’s main church campus in Dallas, TX. “As we’ve encountered Him, He’s given us language to minister to Him. He is the One and every song is for Him.”

The Theology:  Each song is rich in theology.  From splashes of Psalm 66 in” Faith and Wonder” to Psalm 88 in “Healer”, the writers did not merely take emotion into account – they took a grasp of Scripture and the backing of theology into consideration,

Songs For The Church:  We can’t find a single song that we wouldn’t readily use in today’s Church.

Songs for Personal Encouragement/Listening:  Put “Surrounded” on…over and over and over and over.

More: Great “rawness”with this group.  Innocence.  No one trying to be Overbearing…just great worship. 

Less: The greatest tragedy in this…is that THIS version of “Surrounded” was not released FIRST.

 4 1/2 Stars

 For more information on UPPERROOM and its new music, go to www.urdallas.comYouTube (184,000 subscribers), FacebookInstagramTwitterPodcast and Apple Podcast.

 –Jason Whitehorn