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New Gear With A Special Twist

Many of you will look at this and think – ah…a guitar strap.  You’d be right.  But it’s tons more.

The design on it comes from material that was hand stiched on an existing guitar strap by my daughter.  

The existing guitar strap was from a store of a bright young man who I had the pleasure of pastoring, mentoring, and watching grow in leadership.

The end of the strap has a tassel trinket with the word “truth” that my son made me when he was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper.

There’s history in the strap…

…but the design is also special.

It’s likely only one person would recognize it.

You see – the design of the strap comes from my father’s old cowboy hat.  For years, as a child, I would sneak it out of the closet where he stashed it and put it on.  I’d play “Cowboys and Indians” or just wear it to be John Wayne…

You can’t buy those memories in a strap these days.  

So…if you see me playing somewhere – and see the strap….you’ll always know there’s a lot of legacy on stage with me.