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New things brewing at


We’re excited about some recent changes at .  We are attempting to make the site more of community than more about me.  After all, we are a body of believers who have a common goal of worship and music, right?

If you’ll notice, there is a new feature at the bottom of each page.  Thanks to the folks at Wibiya, we have a new toolbar that will take you to the latest twitters, facebook comments, subscribe to RSS, share pages and articles with friends, and much more.  One of the buttons you will notice is the “Community” bgwshirtmanbutton.  If you are a Facebook user, make sure to join the community as we will have some giveaways and random fun there along with some useful information.  Also, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the RSS button in the toolbar.

If you haven’t already noticed, we have new threads available for purchase.  We  are earmarking 50% of all the profits from t-shirt sales to go to World Vision.  The shirts are durable – and make a cool statement to those who see you wearing it!  Make sure to buy yours at

Finally, check out the “Worship Mill”.  We are giving you the opportunity to post jobs, offer your services, or place a classified ad at the Worship Mill