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New Tuner Comes In A Small Package

I must admit – I love opening the mail I get from Planet Waves.  There is always something lurking in each brown box that screams “This-should-have-been-invented-a-decade-ago” …and I get the privilege to try it out and tell you all about it.  One of those new toys is the NS Mini Headstock Tuner.  Personally, I have never found a micro/headstock tuner that I have liked.  They have either failed in a loud stage setting or just not had any accuracy that I would expect.  This one has shredded my mini headstock tuner phobias and stereotypes.

Designed with Ned Steinberger, the NS Mini Headstock Tuner is all but hidden from anyone looking at your guitar and can fit virtually any headstock with ease.  The backlit display makes it easily seen in an indoor/outdoor – day/night – bright light/low light setting.  It has full 360 degree swivel so that left handed players aren’t left out.  The tuner even shuts off on its own after 10 minutes – which means forgetful folks (like me) don’t waste batteries so often.

It works with the greatest of ease – if you’re in tune…the note is green.  If you are out of tune…the note is red.  There are also fine tune arrows to help get you to the perfect 440.  The color tuning scheme is perfect for helping you easily tune while transitioning between songs or during a prayer.

Pro’s : Small.  Concealed and in your line of sight.

Con’s : No way to bypass (obviously) during tuning like you can with a pedal tuner.

More info:  Get more info or buy it today at the Planet Waves website.