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NWLC Guest Blog : The Worship Journey

A while ago… I won something… I mean I actually WON! Seriously I entered a contest on This winning of course was not do to my own excellence… more due to the love of some friends and the youth at Grace Church. (thanks to &

Grace is my home church. Where I have the honor and pleasure to serve as a youth & children’s director. It is here where I find myself living, loving and learning. Most of the time I find myself being stretched, in one way or another be it by God Himself or by the people in the community in which I minister in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I was so touched by watching the NWLC10 KC online… I pretty much without thinking how I would get there, or where I would sleep, I signed up for the chance to win free registration to NWLC10 East. Assuming that I would not win. Well, little did I know, I have friends who love me and they wanted to help me out and get me there…

Well I’m not sleeping in our truck. I have a hotel booked just outside Lancaster. I have been loaned a safer/more reliable vehicle. Much thanks to K.D. my great mother in law. Yeah, I said that… Great and I meant it.

So I’m off. Off to start this journey. It began by leaving our house right after church yesterday. I am bring my wife and my boys to my parents to spend the week visiting while I mosey on to Lancaster, Pa. I have no clue what to expect. I have great anticipation for God to show up and speak to me, some real tangible words. That HE would stir up something within me that can spur me on to worship with my whole life.

So sleep tonight. Drive tomorrow and begin this worship journey.

thanks to all who have gotten me this far.


(Note from got worship? Founder Jason Whitehorn – “Curtis was our NWLC East Contest Winner.  Curtis will be guest posting his thoughts and experiences throughout the week during the conference.  The above article was the first article he submited last night in anticipation of travelling to the conference.   We are honestly excited to hear about what God is doing in his life through this experience and glad to share his candid thoughts with you as he grows.  We urge our readers to begin following his blog and become an encouragement to him at” )

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