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Oh To Be Humble – To Be Billy

I was talking with a church leader today about some ways that he could reach out to members of his church and seek musicians to skillfully play within his church’s praise team. In part of the conversation about they joys of playing in churches around Nashville, the name “Billy Crain” parsed my lips. You see, I’ve had the joy and honor of playing with Billy Crain while leading worship. (Yep, thats the amazing long-haired genius on guitar you see with me in the video above.) Yes, he is – by technique and skill – one of the most seasoned and qualified guitarists to ever hold a six-string…yes, he is known as the lead guitarist for the legendary band the Outlaws…yes, he has toured with the Allman Brothers Band, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, The Charlie Daniels Band, Molly Hatchett, ZZ Top…

…but my joy in knowing Billy Crain comes from a different reason. You see – if you didnt know these things about Billy Crain…you’d never know these things about Billy. Sure, you’d know that he could tear up a guitar…but you’d never know why – because he never brags. Billy shows up at church to play for God. Billy puts his commitments to serving God on a high priority…and not his abilities or his own name on a high pedestal.

I could see Billy at this moment reading this brief article and wishing that no fuss be made about him. I could tell you stories for days about the amazing things he does for God’s kingdom…but I’d rather simply say this:

In this world, there are Pharisees. Sometimes, I fall into this category myself with a small sense of pride when I notice that some magazine picked up on one of my articles. My friend Billy – hasn’t a bit of Pharisee in him.

Oh, that I could be more like Billy.