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On my mind tonight…

This past Sunday still sticks with me for some unknown reasons that I just cannot let go of.

As I looked down from the stage, I could see some pretty awesome things. Plenty of hands were raised surrendering to God – and even one awesome moment of complete worship when I saw someone on their knees…just comletely offering their all to experiencing God.

Then…I looked toward the area my wife was sitting at and saw a woman I’ve never seen before. She had this look about her that I cannot even begin to describe. It was if she was saying “I am searching desperately for something.

After worship, I came down from the stage and sat down. WOW! This woman never took her nose out of that Bible! After service…my wife began talking to her. Wow…what a story! While I am not comfortable telling the story in such a public platform…I am comfortable asking you this…please take a moment to pray for a woman you may never meet who has a strong need…and a yearning that seems so true and real. Pray that God will empower her in some awesome ways!

Sorry for the vagueness…but this has been something that has been deep on my mind a constantly focused on in mine and my wife’s devotionals. We would just like your help in prayer for this woman.

A million thanks!

Jason Whitehorn

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Until Every Knee Bows,