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Our Latest Endeavour

Lourdes Meet Lourdes Alexandra.  Lourdes was born June 12, 2004 in the scenic Latin American country of Ecuador.  She lives with her parents, a sister, and a brother – but all live well below the lines of poverty.

Crystal and I have been thinking lots about adopting a child.  How I wish I could take every single child from China and give them all homes here with us.  Unfortunately, it isn’t within our near future.  Alas, a stirring has been here.  I have recently become hyper-aware of how fortunate I am compared to the rest of the world.  I start thinking about the constant headaches and migranes I have and my voice that seems to deteriorate daily.  What a world I would be in if I lost my voice.  EVERYTHING I do in life depends heavily on my voice.  Imagine me not being able to sing!  Wow!  What a horrible thing!  Really?  I mean…is it really?  Think about the amount of doctors I could go to…and at the best hopsital in the world (Vandy) to get treated.  Think about the insurance that pays for it.  Think about the insurance that pays for the meds I may need.  Now, think about being able to drive to a store to have these meds delivered via some banking tube chute to my car so I dont even have to walk a step to get them.  Now, think about me writing all of this on my wireless computer….in my well-lit home…comfortable…while I gripe about the high price of gas.

Then, there is Lourdes…or, as my family has started calling her…”Lori“.  Lori can’t have her parents drive her to get meds.  Getting medical help for her is a far cry from Vanderbilt.  She has a cement block house with a zinc roof.   Fine dining to her family is potatoes, corn, oats, rice and beans.  To think of the life she lives…and yet I complain about my life.

So there I was at the WorshipTogether LIVE conference spending all day talking to songwriting icons in the biz like Matt Maher, Brenton Brown, and Michael Gungor — and something stirred.  I had just gotten down talking to Matt Maher about a new song and then the subject turned to the folks at World Vision.  Matt had just recently sponsored a child.  He has the cutest picture of his child on his phone.  Little fedora-wearing tyke.  I had a “eureka” moment.  I realized that there is still much I can do…even if for one child.

Later that night, we had a concert.   I brought my family and some friends and we had a great time.   Then, Matt took the stage and started singing “I Will Go”…..just him…and an acoustic.  No more lights, fog, and rocking out….just Matt…and a message.  He talked to the crowd about World Vision and the work they do…and I sat convicted.

It wasn’t too much longer that my wife turned to me…and without any prior discussion said, “what do you want to do?”  I told her simply “I want to find an Ecuadorian child that needs our help.  Now, to this day I haven’t a clue why Ecuador over the other countries WV supports…but alas, I chose Ecuador.  I looked through each face there…and saw Lori’s smile.

Lourdes…a little girl who is smiling – despite the hardships she faces.  In one little girl’s smile…I find strength to smile even when I think things are really bad.

Whose face can you give a smile to today?  Visit World Vision today and join us in sponsoring a child.

Until Every Knee Bows,