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Contempt in the Chaos

Ever have one of “those” weeks? You know what I am talking about…someone at church is mad at you, you spend all your time putting out fires at work, your drummer cancelled (yes, it is always the drummer), the computer crashes,  your washing machine quits

Songwriting: Singing Your Prayers

It’s easy, as a worship leader or singer within the body of the church, to become consumed with the notion of writing songs.  It usually starts out somewhat admirable:  You’ve been immersed in the culture of hymns and worship songs each week…and, eventually, a verse

New Worship Song Resource: “Never Alone”

A song of reflection and contemplation straight out of Zephaniah – “Never Alone” speaks truth God’s love for us and gives encouragement to the downtrodden.  We are offering a free chart to this song for you to utilize in your church. While the resource is