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The Adoption…….ALMOST Done

Went to the courts today to take the proper steps to complete the adoption of the kids. Final court date is October 8th and there will be two new Whitehorns. (They’ve always been Whitehorns at heart…but now the last name will be official. October 8th,

Evolution of a Worshiper

I first saw this cartoon in an issue of Worship Leader Magazine and laughed so hard until I realized how sad it is. Someone once said we laugh at things that we find a bit of truth in. Sadly, the cartoon rings true with so

Worship Workshop

When Paul Baloche speaks – I like to listen. He has a lot of insight for Worship Leaders. If you have a small worship team or a well developed team – this is a video you will want to listen to. Sometimes we all overdo

Going On A "Honeymoon"

As you know, me and my wife finally had the wedding ceremony we never to have five years ago when we were wed at the home of a judge-friend of mine. While it was nice – a “ceremony” it was nice. We decided it was

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More from the "Goose"

Read a statement in MarkBatterson’s new book that made an impact and I wanted to share. Just take it in for a moment and think about it:”It takes more to react like a Christian than it does to act like a Christian.” Sometimes it takes

"Lay It Down"

Simple lyrics…yet speaks volumes…a great worship song written by Matt Maher and Brenton Brown. Everything I amEverything I long to beI lay it down at Your feet Everything I amEverything I long to beI lay it down at Your feet I lay it downI lay