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Funny…but makes a point….

Found these on GodTube. There church that did a series called “What Should A Christian Look Like?” To Illustrate their series, they did a whole set of videos that parodied the “Mac vs/ PC” commercials. While they are funny…they make you think. Why do so

"Its All About You"

Wow! Isn’t God just awesome?!? You know, one of my favorite songs to lead is “Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It’s All ABout You)” because of the trueness of the words. I can’t begin to tell you how many times life each week would get

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Chasin those geese…..and riding horses?

If you haven’t already, go out and buy Wild Goose Chase. If you haven’t started Chasing God – what are you waiting for? He made you…He claimed you…He’s calling you…DON’T JUST STAND THERE!!! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… I can’t begin

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Worship was awesome…

Worship was awesome this morning and music was spectacular and I finally pickup up my copy of the book Wild Goose Chase. I’ll be blogging more and more as I redo the book and let you know how God is taking me on my new

Wild Goose Chase

This Sunday, I get to start my new journey heading on a Wild Goose Chase. This is a new book by an awesome guy named MarkBatterson. I encourage you to go out and pick up a copy of the book yourself and learn more about

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The TECH-Church

It never ceases to amaze me at how far we seem to leap and bound in the technology field. I was reading a blog yesterday about “missing things from 90’s worship” and I realized just how far we’ve come today in the technology front. At

Cardboard Testimonies

A worship pastor friend of mine in Facebook that went to my old high school posted this AMAZING video from YouTube. I had never seen it before but it is AWESOME. How true is this? What would your cardboard testimony say? [youtube RvDDc5RB6FQ]

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"Healer" part 2

Let me clarify – based on an email conversation last night – the difference in how I feel we should be handling this mishap as Christians. Is what Mike did fraud? Yes. There is no doubt about it. Is what WE do as Christians turn