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Please – STOP Shaking. You Aren’t In Harlem.



I’m going to be as real as I can.

I dig a lot of memes online…I really do.

You aren’t in Harlem. There’s no reason to jump on a bandwagon to shake.

…so stop for the sake of doing what everyone else is doing.


We’ve likely ALL watched tons of these videos and laughed our heads off at some. There is a new wave of churches and worship departments that are jumping on the bandwagon of doing these “Harlem Shake” videos at a fast rate. Even Liberty University plugged one.

Why am I being put off by this?

“Con los terroristas”….

Yep. You’ve probably said the words over and over as the song has gotten stuck in your head, right? It doesn’t SOUND bad until you see it written out. Go ahead. Translate it.

Now slow down and ask yourselves “why are we so quick to jump on a bandwagon that promotes a song that speaks gleefully about terrorists”?

I think we could all have reasons WHY we make such videos. In the comments below…I’d love to hear your thoughts…but I’ll offer this:

…there is a reason we are admonished in the Bible to “be not conformed to this world.”


(Editor’s Note: Please don’t hear what I’ve said as just pertaining to this ONE song. We, in general, get left behind in the ways of the world SO much that we don’t even bother to check and see what the words of a song are…how or what they imply…what impression it my leave…”is this a good song for my ears”. We have allowed ourselves to become so lukewarm and watered down that we accept what modern culture allows as well. I still remember when the local television station growing up had to post a disclaimer in front of the Monday Night movie on ABC to tell us that “Parental Guidance is suggested…” The movie….Gone With The Wind. Think for a moment we would ask for parental guidance for that ONE four letter word on a show today? Nope…not at all. In fact, I’m still waiting on the day that they re-cut all the Peanuts movies to insert a few profanities to attract a larger audience.

Please don’t find my cynical. Find me concerned. I pray that you find yourself concerned. I’m not suddenly too old to be “hip” – I’m suddenly wise enough to see that we’ve become too quick to be socially cultural…and too slow to be asking if our actions are appropriate. I include myself in that. After-all, the TV show I am with did a Harlem Shake that I promoted without thinking about it and it has over 130,000 views. I hold myself accountable for that on a SECULAR level…I’d hope we open our eyes on a spiritual level. Love to hear your thoughts below.)