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One of the privileges I have is praying for others.  It is an honor – and a burden to do so.  As worship leaders, pastor, and those who serve in worship ministry, we are constantly holding up the banner, encouraging others, and exhausting our energy in prayer for others – and rarely take time to let others pray for us.  This page is a place to submit your prayers – either publicly or anonymously – and allow your fellow worship leaders, pastors, and musicians to pray for you.  You can even select to be notified any time someone prays for you to get a small notice of encouragement that you were prayed for.  It is great encouragement.

To get started – simply press the “Share your prayer request button” below or take some time to pray for the requests below.  If you pray for a need below, please make sure to press the “I prayed for this” button.

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My husband was deosnaigd with esophageal cancer in April. He has undergone chemo and radiation therapy. Through this, he has found a true relationship with our Lord Jesus and not just a mental knowledge. For that I am thankful. God has had him in the palm of his hand and he has tolerated this treatment with little side effects although this has not been easy. His last PET scan showed no hot spots or active cancer but it is still recommended that he have surgery to remove his esophagus. He is scared to death despite his faith and prayers. Our hope is that God would perform a healing miracle so that the surgery and life style change would not be necessary. If he should allow this surgery to be performed, we are standing in faith that all will be well and he will be cured. My husband is 58.Due to this disease, my husband was forced to retire; thankfully, he has been approved for disability. These payments will not begin until December and we have taken measures to reduce our financial load. So far, God has blessed us and provided but by my eyes and finite mind, this money will not last past another month or two. I feel maybe it would be best to sell our house, horses, and goats and downsize to a more affordable dwelling which requires less upkeep, time and would allow us more financial stability. I have a high pressure job but thankfully, understanding cohorts have been supportive and tolerant of my absences when necessary. The pressure I feel at this time is overwhelming and I feel myself succumbing at times into a place of just let me hide in a corner and let the world leave me alone. I have asked Jesus to guide me, strengthen me and show me the best course of action and to bless that action and give me the strength to do what I need to do. Please God, help us.In Jesus name.

Received: March 21, 2013

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