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Praying for A Church Plant

I have a lot on my mind this week as I gear up for something exciting – a new church plant.  As many of you know in the twitter, Facebook, and blog-world already know – LifeWay Research President Ed Stetzer is a pastoring a new church plant in the Nashville, Tennessee area along with Jess Rainer, Jimmy Disney, and Barry Peters.

Ed is a powerful speaker and nearly impossible to fall asleep listening to.  I have the amazing opportunity to lead the new congregation in its first-ever worship service this weekend.  While it is humbling to be able to serve with such leadership – the true mind-blowing aspect comes with one thought:

In the relatively small community in the Metro area that the new church plant will be at, there are over 48,000 people who do not attend church.  This new church plant (Grace Church) will be in a popular movie theater that operates on a busy weekend.  The bottom line…if only one person out of 48,000 is saved and then GOES into “all nations” (be it another country, his/her backyard, or – yes – even a local movie theater…) and “makes disciples” of another…

…then I have been a part of one of the greatest events in history!

Will you pray for Ed as he speaks this Sunday and for Grace Church?