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Praying for the MercyMe Tragedy

(Nashville, TN – Jason Whitehorn)

It was late night – or early morning depending on your location – when MercyMe’s drummer Robby Shaffer sent out a tweet from his iPhone:

Just had a bad wreck in the bus. Everyone on our bus is fine, but please pray for the other car.

The band had been playing a show at Parkview Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana that night and was one their way to St. Louis to play at a large theme park.  As they made their way away from Parkview Field, a small black Chevrolet Corsica veered into the path of MercyMe’s tour bus.  The band and crew recieved only minor bumps and bruises, but officials say that two of the passengers in the Corsica were killed on impact.

The driver of the car, now identified as 18 year old Kara Klinker, was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.  The band’s frontman, Bart Millard, implored of his fans and friends to pray for the girl.

Car just hit our tour bus. We are ok, but 2 of the 3 in the car did not make it. The one that did is pregnant. Please start praying.

The teen, as it was discovered, was 35 weeks pregnant.  As the night progressed, many fans and friends began sending messages to others via twitter, Facebook, and other social mediums to request prayers for the victims, the girl, and the band.  It became obvious that, although the band was not hurt physically, their hearts were in a different kind of pain.

“Can’t sleep.” Millard tweeted in the early hours of the morning.  “Officers left to notify families of their loss. My heart aches. Girl driving is 35 wks pregnant. Both are stable” Millard continued.

The stability would not last.  It was later determined that the unborn child – was stillborn.

The band left a statement for fans on their official website:

MercyMe would like to express their incredible heartache over this horrible accident. They are praying for the families of all who this will affect, and are asking others to please pray as well. The band and crew sustained minor bumps and bruises, however their hearts are heavy. They appreciate the concern they have received from people all over the world.

Millard would later remark in a recent tweet that he had “been asleep almost the whole day. Was hoping to wake up and this not be real.”


Lets pray for the woman who is in the hospital, MercyMe, and all the grieving families involved. Pray for peace – pray for healing. Pray.

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