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Pure Praise Revamped : “Outside of The Black & White”

Pure Praise Week Three – Day 1 :  “Outside of The Black & white!”



Have you ever assessed your vocal range?  How many octaves can you sing in?  Do me a favor – just for fun – grab a piano or keyboard and play every note.  Play the whites and the blacks from the lowest range to the highest and begin and end singing where you comfortably can.  If you don’t have a piano or keyboard handy, find a “Virtual Piano” online to play along with.  You can find one here.  Take a couple of minutes to do this – then come back to the devotional when you are done.


No matter your skill at singing – I doubt any of you could hit every note…especially if you are using a full 88 key piano.  It would just appear, for the most part, impossible.  Its not that any particular range is impossible for any particular voice but, rather, being able to hit all notes.  Even without trying, those who are tone deaf are capable of hitting notes within a chromatic scale.  Still, no matter what level of experience we find ourselves – there are still more notes to be obtained.

Much in the same manner, God is like the notes of music.  We each have a level of understanding of God as well as a level of things yet to be learned about God.  Just like our vocal range when played out on an 88 key piano, our understanding or maturity in understanding God is limited.  It varies based on a wide amount of factors.  My spiritual maturity may be different from yours – and yours may be different from your spouse’s.  Likewise, the remaining keys left on the piano remind me of the vast amount of growth and spiritual maturity and understanding I have yet to obtain about God.  Can my vocal range grow?  Absolutely!  So can my knowledge as I study and spend time growing.

There is, however, one trully amazing aspect of this whole piano saga – the notes we don’t hear.  You see, a piano may be limited in the amount of keys it has – but it is only limited because of the limitations of our own hearing.  Most people can’t translate the frequencies needed to make out notes much higher or lower than a full 88 key piano and, therefore, they become unused.  It doesn’t however, mean that the notes don’t exist.  God exists in these spaces as well.

It is easy for us to forget that, while we look at things in a certain amount of dimensions or senses, God exists in dimensions far beyond our understanding.  He is everywhere…and He IS everything at the same time.


Understanding the pitches on the piano keyboard that we can hear is a much easier concept than hearing pitches that, to our ears, don’t seem to be there.  Isn’t that kind of like faith, though?


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In Christ,

Jason Whitehorn, Founder of


Note:  This series is based on the book Pure Praise by Dwayne Moore.  We highly encourage you get this book to aid you in your ministry.  More details on the book can be obtained from the author’s websitehere