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Pure Praise Revamped : “With Arms Wide Open”

Pure Praise Week Two – Day 3 :  “With Arms Wide Open”



Do you have kids?  If you do then you understand the lobster claw.  You can be in the middle of a conversation with another adult or doing a variety of things…and there is this miniature version of you below you with outstretched arms – hands “pinching” like a lobster claw over nd over as if to say “pick me up!  pick me up!”

They want our attention…they want to be loved.  They want to show us that they love us, too.  We did it as children.  More than likely, there was always an adult in your life that loved you enough that they would drop everything to pick you up and give you all the attention in the world…

…there still is.


God loves us that much.  When our arms are outstretched to him in submission, there He is – smiling down at us and ready to wrap us up in His arms.  Do you lift your hands in worship?  Do you sometimes miss your child wanting to reach out for you?  I’m sure there are times He does as well.


There are some things we should never “grow to old for”.  Re-experience the feeling.  Stand in a room with your eyes closed and your hands at your side.  Have someone hold your arms against your side and try your best to raise your arms away from your body while they prevent you from doing so.  Then, after about a minute or so of this – have your friend stop trying to hold you back and completely relax you arms.  Concentrate on the experience of having your arms raise on their own.  Does it feel new?  Gestures such as raising our hands in worship should be equally as submissive.


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In Christ,

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Note:  This series is based on the book Pure Praise by Dwayne Moore.  We highly encourage you get this book to aid you in your ministry.  More details on the book can be obtained from the author’s website here