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“Pure Praise” – Revamped!

purepraisefrntcover_thumb.jpgLast year, we began a study based on an awesome book by Dwayne Moore called “Pure Praise”.  One of the biggest comments I have gotten in my inbox over the past couple of months have been requests to continue the series.

I’ll be honest with you – writing daily devotionals with all the trappings of life that have been going on has been no easy undertaking…and it felt, at times, as if there wasn’t as much participation as I would have liked.  It was much easier to justify the fact that this website gets nearly a thousand unique visits now each day and that if there were as few comments on the series compared to the number of people visiting the site…then it must not be as interesting as I thought it was.

There is where I failed.  You see…this study isn’t about me, my timeline, or how many people visit the website – is it?  So here is my commitment to you – those who have asked for the course to continue :  I will begin my daily series again starting Monday, January 4th, 2010.  We will begin by recapping the first week and then proceed on until we have dissected Pure Praise.

For those of you a little lost…here’s the scoop:  Pure Praise is a book by Dwayne Moore.  Over the past year Dwayne and the kind folks at Group Publishing have been kind enough to allow us to give away several copies of this book to our readers.  It is, in my opinion, a MUST READ for any worship pastor/leader, church musician, praise team member, or worshiper.  The book itself teaches us how to get back to the basics of worship…true worship.

The book is divided up into daily readings with a break on the weekends.  We read each day together and then spend some time reflecting on these thoughts individually.  I have planned devotionals reading each thought for the day that I then send out to the group to read, review, and further challenge us to pursue worship deeper.

Are you in?  Fill in the information below to have the daily devotionals sent to you and be on the list to receive potential “bonus” materials. (In the past, this has been a free copy of the book, music, or a variety of other items.)


Know of someone who may want to be a part of the study?  Use one of the social networking icons below to send them to this page to sign up!  We’d also love for you to share this page on your own Facbook and twitter pages.  You can find links and buttons to accomplish this at the top-right corner of this post.

We thank you for being a part of this study and this blog.  We hop that you will continue to grow with us in 2010!

In Christ,

Jason Whitehorn