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One thought on “Put Down Your Stones – Now.”

  1. diana says:

    FIrst place I ever went that had “contemporary music,some of the “younger people” didn’t like it. And the minister was just taking the hymns and making them more jazz or blues, imagine Just a closer walk with thee,with a bass walk. Some of the younger people thought we should have an organ and play really old hymns,and yet they listened to hard rock,….. Jesus was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard and hung around tax collectors ( not like todays tax collectors) really greedy guys that were allowed to collect whatever they wanted over the required fees,for their own pockets. He let a prostitute wash his feet,and at dinner at someone’s house, He talked to woman ( women were second class,no third class,… no property, in the bible) he talked to a woman that had several husbands and was a hated race,….. throw stones at that!

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