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Putting On Your Sunday Best

I’ve heard plenty of talk in the past about what is appropriate for a worship leader or worship pastor to wear in church. I can remember growing up at a church where a coat and tie were a must on Sunday mornings but now lead worship in a church where wearing a suit would prompt other members to ask “what’s the occasion”?

Recently, I had a “healthy” dialogue with a worship leader from an out of state church about my attire while leading worship. Rather than engage the dialogue now…I’d rather hear from you…

What best describes your attire on a given Sunday…and why? We’ll dig deeper into this a little later.

2 thoughts on “Putting On Your Sunday Best”

  1. ChadHunter says:

    Scripture really doesn’t speak to this.. (I do think that a Pastor or Worship Leader should not dress in a way that is distracting to worship) So that makes it a personal preference issue. I serve in a church that has everything.. You will see people in coat and tie, dress casual, shorts and tee’s, jeans and tee’s. I usually am somewhere in the middle. Jeans and an un-tucked button down shirt..

    If dress is an issue, it is an issue of preference and personal agenda not Biblical.

  2. carrie says:

    As a woman leading worship, I take extra care to make sure that my tops are modest and not distracting. but usually I wear jeans and a blouse or a tank with a blazer over it. I think it depends on the culture of your church. We have people that dress up and people that are casual. our pastor never wears jeans, but many men do.

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