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Reality Check: Even Us “Christian Leaders” Get It Wrong…OFTEN.


I’ve been given many titles – some I deserve…and many I don’t. A couple of years ago I was listed on a list of people who were supposedly some of the “Top Influential Christian Leaders in the Country” for worship. It’s a title I don’t need. I’d dare say I’m the last guy that needs to be influencing people. Yes, I am a pastor. Yes, I often give advice on my website.

…but I am absolutely imperfect.

…in fact I started a book two years ago called “IMPERFECT: A guide to becoming the “perfect” worship leader” …and it remains unfinished.

I’m not quite sure why there is a stigma that we have it all together. Perhaps it is because guys like me have plenty of folks coming to our websites to read articles about how to start worship rehearsals on time…

…mine started 15 minutes late this past week.

You see – I am, by far, not a perfect pastor or a great “Christian leader”. I have plenty of faults that I am sure my team would tell you about if they were 100% honest.

Why this depressing self-put-down session? One quick Skype session this afternoon with an old mentoree of mine who uttered the words “I just want to live up to be half the pastor that you are, Jason”.

So….here’s the reality check, folks. No clever words here….just honest truth. None of us walk on water. If we have some good advice that you can use…then use it. Don’t assume, however, that the advise giver hangs anything lunar. The same moon casts the same shadows that you often stand in as well. You are not substandard. We walk through this life together. You are just as amazing as I am through the same God that makes me who I am. I am just as proud of you as God is of me. I’ll get some things wrong that you’ll get right…and I may only wish that YOU had a website or articles published in Worship Leader Magazine that gave me advise on the matter.

Regardless…neither of us should aspire to be like each other: only to achieve to be like Christ. To love others as we would like to be loved….to unashamedly live life for Him and to reach others to make HIS name famous…and to dig deep in His Word daily.

Love you guys.