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Requirement for Bassists?



Hello Fellow brethren of the low end (ok hi to everyone else as well) 😉

This blog is an observation that I wondered if anyone else has caught on to? Has anyone besides I and my wife noticed that most bassist’s are er…umm…follicle challenged (FC)?

We have a running joke in our household that if you look upon any stage, video, Live performance of any kind and see a bald person on the stage…it will %90 of the time be the bassist! Now granted I resemble that statement and maybe that is why my wife and I noticed the phenomenon in the first place.

But I gotta ask is there some school somewhere for bassist’s that looks at your chrome dome as admission criteria? Is there some radical gene killing agent that is derived from playing the bass clef that makes hair follicles leave home and never come back (works with the neighbors correct?)? I mean seriously something strange is happening here. Just in my church alone both bassists are bald. We actually get people that can’t tell us apart (yea yea I know we all look alike). So here is my challenge. Next time you are watching a concert, live event, video, etc see if my observation is in fact true! For those that are already FC’s and play bass, let me hear from you!!…brethren of the FC unite!

Until next time ETG (Embrace the groove)

In His service,


I am in temporary residence on this entity we call Earth until my creator comes back and claims me. Oh and I am also a musician/bassist, I.T geek, live production and recording technician, as well as many…many other interests. I am devoted to my Heavenly Father, my wife, my family, and serve in multiple capacities in my church.