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REVIEW: Jesus Culture Music Emerging Voices

Today marks the release of Jesus Culture Music’s seventh new full-length recording, Emerging Voices – and we’ve been rocking and worshiping with it for the past few weeks here at got worship? to bring you the insights you’ll want as worship leaders. The album comes on the heels of last year’s Number 1 selling Jesus Culture Awakening: Live From Chicago – and is a must listen for worship leaders. It’s no surprise as it features four of today’s brightest new worship leaders: Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenzeller, Nate Ward and Justin Jarvis.

It’s first track, “Here We Are”, is a simple melody that can be easily added to any call to worship set. “Belong To You” asks God for a closer connection that is contagious. “Who Can Compare” is a soft – yet powerful standout of adoration in worship. “I Won’t Settle” is a great anthem that calls for the things left undone that God has for our lives.

There are 11 tracks on this album – and plenty that will be great adds to your modern worship sets, as would be expected from Jesus Culture.

More: Always something new from Jesus Culture – which is something that has always made them great in serving up songs of worship.

Less: This album doesn’t seem to have that “one” song on it – but rather seems to focus on spreading out.