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Review – “Land” by Tree 63

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New Release from Tree 63 : “Land”

Review by Contributor Jericho Powers


Following a seven year hiatus, the edgy rock group that gripped our sing-a-long phase and our thirst for Christian alternative Tree63 Land album Cover Artrock in the early 2000’s, is finally back! That’s right, Tree 63 has made their come back and is here with a whole new take on Christian alternative.
The group that brought us popular singles such as “Treasure”, “Look What You’ve Done”, and the ever famous congregational worship song “Blessed Be Your Name” is back with a punchy, attention grabbing album unlike any released prior.

Do you fancy yourselves some of Muse’s over-driven, crunchy bass lines and synthy electric guitar leads? How about some of The Bravery, and their driving drum beats that make you want to get up and move around? Let’s add some throw back styles from The Killers, add some modern ambiance and a touch of the new Imagine Dragons styled rhythm driven tribal beats and there ya have it! That’s right, this album covers a lot of bases while remaining cohesive and punctual. “Land” is an album that grabs you and demands the attention of your ears immediately. But as you dive deeper into the music, you notice quite the same with the lyrics.

John Ellis brings his heart to the forefront, letting his guard down to show his true feelings, exposing that as humans we are all going through “storms” in our lives, in which we feel tossed by the sea desperately looking for any signs of land. In fact, in this album Tree 63 wants to share exactly that message. The messages behind their songs describe the pain we all know of feeling lost and out of control, avidly seeking refuge and finding that God provides just that! This album is riddled with messages to let you know you are not alone, but in fact that we are all in this together.

The first track of this album caught my attention immediately, slamming me in the face with some grungy bass lines, belting vocals, and and overall energy that I have not heard yet from Tree 63. But when I dove more into the album I found myself more thrilled at what I was hearing. The track “If God” really caught my attention. When the song first starts, you get that watery, ambient, beach rhythm you feel from Imagine Dragons and Saints of Valor. Then you catch the lyrics. This song gives you a straight forward message, one of hope and peace. The lyrics are simple, but carry a message we so often forget; “If God is for me, who can be against me?” I find this song great in so many aspects: rhythmically of course, but also as one that gives the feeling of a great congregational song. One you could easily see done for offering, lighting hope in all, knowing that no matter what we are facing in our lives, God has it under control and will see us through.

The second song that caught my attention is “Hard To Believe.” This one made me reflect heavily on my own fears and doubts concerning my faith. In this day and age, it is so easy to be caught up in emotion and get lost in the noise we hear around us. This song spills out emotions from T63 that we all probably know too well; How can we be sure He is real, that He is there, and that He loves us? How many times have you questioned these things? This song delivers a message we are seemingly quick to forget in the times we don’t hear the answers or responses we are looking for. So many times we get lost, but we have to reflect on the experiences thus far. Through all of our mistakes, through all of our struggles, and even in times that we feel like a complete and total mess, God has always been there. He has brought us out of the ruts we were in, made us into something beautiful, and showered us in grace when we clearly deserved so much wrath. It can be easy to get distracted, but when you realize your experiences, it’s not hard to believe that He is real and there for us.

The album is incredible front to back, bringing you chunky rock grooves, spacey melodies, belting vocals, and even rounds off with a nice acoustic feeling track reminding us that God has always been there, loving us unconditionally and always leading us to the shore. This is one of very few albums that I can honestly say I enjoyed from beginning to end, and one that made me feel like I’m not alone in my own head.

If you are interested in a new CD to remain in your stereo for the listening pleasures to those of ALL ages (yes, even your parents), grab “Land” by Tree 63, crank it to 11, and treat yourself to an experience well deserved.

About Tree63:

First formed in 1996, Tree63 came to international attention with the release of their second album, 63(Survivor Records) in 1999. The three-piece band followed 63 in 2001 with its self-titled release on US-based InPop Records, which sparked the radio hits “Treasure” and “Look What You’ve Done.” Picking up a Dove Award that year for “Rock Album of the Year,” the band went on to record four more critically acclaimed albums, release numerous radio singles, including the No. 1 hit and Billboard’s most played Christian Song Of The Year in 2004, “Blessed Be Your Name,” from 2004’s The Answer To The Question. With the success of the albums and singles, Tree63, known for their dynamic live performances, has toured with Jeremy Camp, Delirious?, Rebecca St. James, Festival Con Dios and others. They also made numerous appearances with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, headlined Canada’s multi-denominational Christian youth conference (YC) events and more. All the latest tour dates and more news on Tree63 can be found at,, @tree_63, and YouTube

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