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REVIEW: LifePoint ILLUMINATE – Children of Light


If you have been in search of a single source of music to pull from for both your adult and Next Gen or youth services but have had trouble finding common ground…consider common ground found.  Children of Light, the first official album release from LifePoint Music is, quite possibly, the most perfect worship album of 2010.  Its songs cover a wide generation spread because the truths in which the songs proclaim ring true regardless of the age of the audience.

Children of Light was born from some of the most creative worship leaders at LifePoint Church just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.  Many of the songs have been introduced across youth, college, and adult services and have found root within the hearts of the congregation over the past year.  With the power this album packs, it is no surprise why.

There are radio-ready songs like "Not Saved to Be Silent" that will energize congregations of any age with the fire to spread God’s word to the nations.  "Yhwh" ("Yahweh" without the vowels as most alphabets prior to the Greek alphabet did not have vowels.) proclaims that God’s "...Glory is coming to outshine our pain and sorrow and we will be redeemed!"  Other songs unite nations in a chorus that proclaims our God as being the "Name Above All Names".

Aside from the Hillsong-ish rock anthem guitar inspired songs are the "quiet" songs scattered throughout this powerful work of worship.  "You Open Your Hands" paints a vivid picture of a God reaching out to hold us in a manner only the One who loves more than any other possibly could.  "Everything You Do" pays tribute back to a God with humble honesty.  Still other melodic songs like "Look To The Cross" reminds us to look at the price that was paid when we become weak.

Then there are the songs that inspire the nations to do more than just read the Great Commission – if "We Will Go" doesn’t charge a congregation enough to long to serve in the missions field, then "I See The Poor" will tug at the last remaining heart-string.

Twelve tracks grace this powerful worship album.  If there was one album you bought for the rest of the year – I assure you that my reputation would remain untarnished if I urged you to make this your unmistakable favorite.  The album will be released on July 11, 2010 to the public with fifty percent of the albums proceeds going to LifePoint Church’s efforts to send churches out to other countries to be planted through their Sending Church Campaign.

You can hear samples of all the songs at this link or learn more about the album, the church, their vision, and download song charts (when available) at

(Stay tuned later this week as we will hear more from the songwriters behind Children of Light.  If you are near the Nashville area, you can also check out a free concert featuring the new songs July 11th at 7:00 pm.  You can find more details about the concert here.)