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REVIEW: Luna Trinity Guitar

It is a thing of beauty when a guitar can look unique, sound great, and still cost a reasonable amount.

Now, there is a new definition for “thing of beauty”…and it is called a Luna Trinity.

I’ll be honest, this guitar has had its ups and downs during the time that we’ve had it to play.  The good news is, the down moments were in the very beginnings and a mere result of our outrageous expectations.  The end result has been a guitar that we are proud to endorse here at got worship? Media and is, quite possibly, a perfect guitar for the worship leader or acoustic worship guitarist who wants to have a great looking and great sounding guitar without taking out a second mortgage.

The first thing we noticed about the Luna Trinity was the unique soundhole – the reason it bears the name “Trinity”. The Trinity knot soundhole represents, to Christians, the Holy Trinity – God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The woods on the guitar are beautiful and rich – helping to create the great sound the guitar has.  Now, to be honest, we play some pretty high dollar guitars – guitars that you could easily buy a reliable used vehicle for the same price – so our bar of expectation was set very high.  At first play – we knew we had to reset our expectations and start fresh.

I took a two week interlude, playing every guitar I could get my hands on to have a fair comparison…and then returned to the Luna Trinity.  The sound was great whether finger-picking or strumming.  Intonation was great, the action was stellar, and we were surprised that such huge changes to a soundhole would not affect the sound in an open room with the Trinity.

Then…we plugged it in.

Our front of house operator said it was a breeze to e.q. and was able to leave the sound dry for the most part.  The sounds coming out of the Trinity were pure and rich and in no dire need of added effects.  I ran the Trinity without any effects straight to a Radial J48 MK2 active direct box.   As a standout note, you can send signal from the Trinity with standard guitar cable or direct out with the two available jacks on the guitar itself.  WE chose the more traditional approach, however.

Two rehearsals, a soundcheck, and two services and the guitar showed no signs of the typical “tuning fatigue” we see in many guitars.  To be honest, I think I touched one tuner one time the entire duration.

So what makes the guitar so great?  It looks good – but why would I I expect there to be intonation, tuning, and plenty of need for effects to my live performance?  The simple answer is this:

When is the last time you purchased an acoustic/electric for less than $500.00 new and trusted it on stage without any effects?

That’s the best part about the guitar – it ranges in price (on average) in the low to mid 400’s in price.  How’s that for a new acoustic/electric today?

Want to learn more?  Watch this review of the guitar and see it up close and personal.

Want to see more?  We snapped a few pictures of our Luna Trinity the day we got it in.  Check out the case that most people we show this guitar to raves about (it even comes with a built in gauge to check temperature and humidity) and the detail within the guitar itself.


Pros: Killer looks, multiple methods of signal delivery, built in tuner and phase, and a very affordable price.

Cons: The tuner, when engaged, makes a very audible “click” that can be heard across a sound system when no other sound (band playing, etc) is going on.

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