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Save The GMA : The Concert of The Decade wrapup

1012092156a This picture, no matter how fuzzy, says it all.  Words can’t describe the amount of talent together on this stage.  Michael W. Smith surrounded by Amy Grant, Natalie Grant, Casting Crowns, Point of Grace, and other greats – all singing Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone”).  The recent memory still raises goosebumps.  Most all of these guys and gals have some sort of emotional tie to everything I do musically.  Smitty was the first Christian artist that I ever covered, Point Of Grace got me through a very emotional time in my life, Amy Grant gave me some of the best advice in a personal conversation that I could ever have had…they each molded me in some way.  Each one of these awesome individuals have earned their keep in the business – and could ask for ridiculous amounts of money per performance and gives rake in plenty in royalties from their song plays and performances.  There is one more common bond that they all have…they each believe so much in the Gospel Music Association and all they do for the Christian music industry – that they donated their time and performances free of charge.  They make NOTHING on the performace.  As a matter of fact, they each paid for their tickets…the same $1,000 that every single guest paid.

Why?  The same reason guys like Brown Bannister, perhaps the world’s greatest producer, gave his time.  The same reason a simple family man like Link Tipton gave his artisan skills to create the beautiful backdrop for the event.  The same reason TONS of other folks gave their time, materials, and money.  Simply put….the GMA is worth it.

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