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Seeing Red – The Starbucks Effect

The entire internet is buzzing about Starbucks red cups. Why not? Everyone (including me now) is talking about it. Starbucks puts out a new red cup each year..and this year it is simply red (if you didn’t know that by now. See what I did there?) As a result the entire web community has gone up in smoke because “Starbucks hates Christmas” by failing to put anything CHRISTMAS on their cups.Really?

The facts are like this:

  • Nothing on the cups have ever been a blatant tie to Christianity. It’s all been snowflakes and reindeer…
  • They still have plenty of Christmas goodness. Just check out this link if you don’t believe me.
  • Tomorrow…even after you post why you are boycotting Starbucks…their business will be even stronger.

What won’t be any stronger…is your witness.  

You aren’t winning sinners to salvation..

You aren’t feeding orphans..(in fact Starbucks has done more for orphans in the past month than most of us will in a lifetime…and yet we are CALLED upon to do it.

You are simply seeing red.

The only red I want to focus on…is the blood shed by a Savior who lives whether we put Him on a coffee cup…on a mall decoration…on plaques on a wall…or anywhere else. These things don’t diminish His being seen…but our horrible actions do. How do we expect to show others the love that IS Jesus when we spend so many moments fighting over trivial controversy?

We have taken the nails that went thru the palm…and instead created a face-palm effect on how the world views well-intended Christians.

Even now as we speak there is a new onslaught of posts condemning the act of condemning Starbucks. Can we not get enough of the drama?

God had great wisdom when he inspired words such as this in the Bible:

“Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, …they produce quarrels.”
2 Tim 2:23

So what now? Is my article yet one more to simply add to the cadence of the nonsense? I propose something different:
Why don’t we take a moment and recall someone in our lives who we say that we are praying for o receive Jesus…and actually invite them to coffee – even at a Starbucks…and show them that there are other “red” things to discuss that will have a significant effect on their lives while the rest of the world debates artwork on paper cups.