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Seminary Update

Seminary Update, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics.

I’ve had a couple of folks ask me about my "fundraising" for seminary that I launched about a month ago. To date, I have had $40.00 donated to my seminary fund. Suffice it to say…it is a far cry from the $2800.00 needed to complete my seminary requirments.

I am still optimistic that my goal will be reached. If you would like to contribute in any way, please send donations via PayPal to or use the link found in the original blog post.

I thank each of you, in advance, for your prayers and contrbutions.

In Christ,
Jason Whitehorn

NOTE: This video/picture is being sent from my mobile phone. Yes…there will likely be typos in the text…that is my nature. No…the videos/pictures will not always make sense. You’ll be fine.

BROWSER NOTICE: I’ve noticed that Internet Explorer only shows the videos as a link. Mozilla Firefox (in its uberness) shows the embedded video.

Until Every Knee Bows,

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