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6 thoughts on “Should A Past Divorce Prohibit A Pastor From Serving?”

  1. Gangai Victor says:

    (Saul) Paul. Mary Magdalene. Samaritan woman (John 4). Divorced Pastor. What would Jesus do?

    Your site is a very good resource Jason, God bless!

    1. (Jason W.) says:

      Thanks, Gangai! Always love hearing from you, my friend!

  2. Judy says:

    This is a Deep Subject.. Though I believe IF a church allows the pastor to be married in the 1st place..then that is not only his CALLING but his JOB.. So yes I believe if he & his wife Can’t make the MARRIAGE work..then THAT shouldn’t have ANY affect on his WORK..or HIS Serving the Lord. . Our Lord fully understands that WE are human..& The bible States ‘Whom shall ever put away his wife, let him give her a letter of divorcement” (Matthew 5:31) So Like I say, IF the church allows the Pastor to be married in the 1st place, then that law should apply to HIM as well as any other man.

    1. Bedajii says:

      you really need to read the verses that come after that…

  3. Bedajii says:

    There is more to being a pastor than what can be ascertained on a questionnaire. The modern world does things so backwards, so of course there is going to be a sense of backwardness in its methodology. A pastor SHOULD be chosen because he is a well known spiritual leader in the community. The modern world doesnt really do communities like that, so, I don’t have the answers…but I can say that an application with arbitrary questions cannot quantify the leading of the spirit within a person. There is more to it than that. The more The Church does things like the world, the more it becomes of the world in either a Pharisaical or blasphemous way.

  4. Darlin~ says:

    I believe with my whole heart that our God is a loving forgiving God. Unconditionally. Therefor why can’t our Churches be? Judgement in this world is such a cruel cruel thing Jason. I believe that you don’t have to be a pastor, or worship leader to share, teach and love. At the end of the day a Title doesn’t make a great man, but the great man makes it. There are good pastors, and bad pastors, and dishonest ones too, yet there are people in this world who very well should be called “pastors” however they call themselves by only their name.Does one need a title to have the gift of inspiring people through Christ? Let me ask, does it make the divorced wife any less of a person as well? Does the bible speak in regards to how she can not go on to teach and share the gospel, to do good in the world? All because of a weakness, or misguided decision that was made when she was young? I wonder, because if you were to ask all the people that you and or I have helped after all these years.. Does that make the difference made in their lives any less worthy? Or were we given the ability to help them because of our past? We all fall, and stumble, and make horrible decisions, but that does not make us bad people. When we take responsibility for our mistakes, own them, find truth… and ask for forgiveness.. We show who we really are. It is very sad that some churches are the way that they are. We should embrace others.. Love, and teach and guide and be who we are.. Children of God..

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