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Should An Unbeliever Be A Part of The Worship Team

As a worship leader it will be significant that you simply contemplate the question of whether or not an unbeliever might be a part of your worship program. I’m typically asked this question when two situations happen in a church: there are few team members obtainable for the worship program, and the person who just isn’t a Christian is a very proficient individual. You probably have a large church with many proficient musicians then the question could not have an effect on you as much, but if your team is small and a very gifted musician or singer is in the wings, are you able to willingly accept them into your worship program with a clear conscience?

What is the Worship Program Really About?

When considering your team, it’s essential to cease for a second and ask your self what the worship program is all about. Is it about having an important sound, or being professional or rocking the congregation’s socks off? Or is it about leading your church family right into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Lord?

I might counsel to you that the worship program must be about leading people to God in worship. Certain, we want to be professional and to play and sing to a high and exquisite standard, but I might suggest that these are secondary concerns in your worship program. A worship program is a spiritual occasion, not a live performance, so the concept a non-believer can be part of your team is unquestionably out of phase with the goals of your worship program team.

Who Qualifies Somebody to Take Half in the Worship Program?

In groups that I’ve lead, one of many core requirements of crew members is that they know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Non-believers can undoubtedly play effectively, sing well, and doubtless perform properly, however they haven’t any idea of the very central concept of the worship program: nearer communion with the Lord. Yes, we wish it played and sung brilliantly, however we do not want to compromise the spirit of our worship program simply to sound a bit better.

One of the first main worship program teams I assembled featured an excellent drummer who was not a Christian, but who proved to be a demanding and slightly aggressive team member. We had a backup drummer who was relegated to percussion, and who was just happy to be a part of the worship program at all. When the unbelieving drummer didn’t trouble to show up to observe twice over because he mentioned he was ok, I appointed the Christian guy. He could not play as properly, however he had an amazing spirit and understood what humility and serving within the worship program was all about.

Can the Worship Program Be a Instrument To Reach Team Members?

In most fashionable churches, the pressure is on worship leaders to sound great and act professional (and this implies accepting talented people whose lives should not proper with the Lord) and I consider that worship leaders have to make a stand in their worship program. I have heard of non-believers becoming Christians due to their involvement within the worship band, but I don’t really feel that that is the way we should be operating. Why not lead them to the Lord first (when there isn’t any ego opportunity at stake), then introduce them to the entire idea of worship, both personal and corporate.

Using worship team involvement to win a proficient unbeliever to Christ is a bit like marrying an unbeliever to witness to them and lead them to Christ. It’s across the wrong way! It’s troublesome to seize a true spirit of worship when the workforce to your worship program is unequally yoked!

So, worship leaders and pastors, let us make a stand for what is right and ensure our worship crew is focused on the true activity of leading folks to Christ. We must worship in Spirit and in reality, not simply have skilled music and presentation. Don’t permit your worship program to be held to ransom by talented non-believers.

5 thoughts on “Should An Unbeliever Be A Part of The Worship Team”

  1. Will Choe says:

    Agreed. The main goal of a worship team is to lead people into the presence of God…and then learning to step aside and let the Spirit of God take over.

    Not to sound religious or whatever…

    But, if someone is not a believer, they cannot lead people into God’s presence. If they, themself, have not been…how can they lead?

    Too be honest, many years ago, I was not a true believer…yet was appointed worship leader for my musical talents.

    …it was bad. Music was great. But, thats all it was.

  2. David says:

    This is a very touchy subject with so many people. As a worship leader, I’ve come to the conclusion that while your basic premise is correct [i.e. worsihp team members need to believers], I’m willing to give a little in the band area. Let me explain briefly.

    I see the band members as a small group ministry within the church, albeit a small group with a huge platform. What is small group ministry but a way to make disciples? Even with that said, I’ve been more hesitant than not to allow unbelievers to play on Sundays. It doesn’t happen often because many times, unbelieving musicians are just looking to hone their chops and play cool riffs. But on occasion, if I feel God is drawing someone to Himself and can use our worship ministry to solidify that, I’m all in. It’s a matter of prayer, to be sure.

    All in all, and 90% of the time, I’d agree we need to have only believers on stage (100% believer if you are to hold a mic!). There is that occasion we need to be flexible and listen to the Spirit who may be using us to draw extremely gifted musicians to our ministry and their hearts to Himself!

    My .02. Peace.

    1. David says:

      I would add that there is much discernment that must be used. Else, our needs for great musicians in our ministries overrides the Spirit’s calling. Fine line. Fine line, indeed.

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