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So you say you want a record deal? This could be your break!


Over the years, I’ve heard a flood of talent from ordinary folks who will never have the opportunity to be something "big" in the music business or have their stuff heard across the radio airwave because of one problem.  They will never get their foot in the door.  Many of you may have been in that boat or may be in that boat now.  Some money-hungry person tells you that "if you will only invest X amount of dollars in making an album with them and then marketing it – you will have a chance to make it big!"  – sadly, they lack any resources to put your songs in front of the right people but have, at least, mediocre skills to make the album.  They walk away with the money they got from you to make the album – you walk away with…notta.  (But you have a LOT of cool freebie CD’s that can double as coasters!)

Sadly, in the Christian music world…it can get even worse.  The mentality that because you sing Christian, the chances of getting a deal is greater…is wrong.  Simple math puts that out.  Less worldwide listeners, less radio stations, less spins and album sales when compared to mainstream…the slots available for talent is slim when compared to mainstream…not greater.

So now, one record company has announced that they have a new policy for submitting material.  It is no longer who you know – but simply knowing what to send.

Inpop Records has announced that they will extend an open invitation to any artist, manager, publisher, talent scout, or producer who would like to submit new music for consideration.  It simply needs to be sent.  No more finding that friend of a friend of a friend who has a business card of some random A&R rep that you casually send your stuff to and hope that your album may make that 1/1,000,000th of a chance out of it’s case and into his/her player.  Then, suffering through the 1/10,000th of a chance that the CD will make it ten seconds into the first song before it is ejected.

No, Inpop simply says "send it."  The record label, whos roster includes newsboys, Superchick, Jimmy Needham, Newworldson and Article One, among others, hopes that the gesture will expand their current talent pool and broaden their selection of styles and artists.

"The ever-changing nature of our industry necessitates a change in the way we find talent as well." explains Inpop’s General Manager Andrew Patton.  "It only makes sense to link arms with all of those who are on the front end of working and developing music’s future stars."

Now, bear in mind the flood gates get lifted, so it now becomes a matter of being that one artist – that one song – that sticks out like a sore thumb in a good way.  So if you think you have what it takes to make a record label’s general manager pay attention – then listen up.  Find out more about the new submission process and procedure can be received staight from Andrew himself by emailling andrew @ (*Note: remove the spaces around the "@" sign).

Inpop Records, an independent music label based in Brentwood, Tennessee, was founded in 1999 and is home to some of the best-known bands in Christian Contemporary Music. Distributed by EMI-CMG, Inpop Records has become one of the top-selling independent labels within the industry, having established a reputation for seeking out the best artists in emerging talent and for expanding the music marketplace with sound and ideas. Inpop artists have scored numerous No. 1 radio hits, earned multiple awards and nominations and achieved recognition around the world. In pop’s roster includes newsboys, Superchick, Jimmy Needham, Newworldson and Article One, among others. For the most updated information, visit