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Social Networking

How interesting this past year has been! During the past year I was introduced to two rather interesting forms of “networking” – Facebook and Twitter. At first, these two mediums (especially Twitter) seems a little strange. “Why would anyone in their right minds just openly share what is going on in their life with the world?” Believe me…I asked the question at first and have since been asked the question repeatedly. I have to laugh when someone (one of our awesome lead guitarists…not to be specific, oh Goateed one!) actually Twitters “I just stepped in gum!” Sometimes the “tweets” are completely random…but sometimes they give me insight that, as a brother in Christ, I may want to know.

For example, it is sad to hear news from another Worship Leader in another state how lost his secular job and is at risk of loosing his house. He is a great man who I first met because he started “following” me on Twitter – and I, in return, have “followed” him. Since then, we have shared numoerous experiences and have even written publications for each other. Despite that…this man who I have never physically met gets prayers from me daily and also gets prayers from my two children asking God to “please help Pastor __________ find a job and keep his house.” How awesome is God that He can use a tool like Twitter or Facebook for that purpose.

Even well known pastors like my Facebook-friend Mark Batterson note the importance of these types of sites. Mark blogged one time of how these “tweets” give him an insight into the daily lifes of so many people – and it is true. When someone is in need – we can pray for them. When someone has a praise – we can rejoice with them.

Through things like Facebok and Twitter, I have gotten the pleasure of reuniting with old friends…finding friends that have taken on the same joy of writing, singing, worship leading, etc…and getting to feel like I’m still, in some way, connected with family and friends from all over the globe.

Thanks be to God that He is ever-so-current…and that He is far more technically savvy then we may give Him credit for….especially when we may balk at “why stepping in gum is interesting.” Ah, you see…even little posts like that into the lives of our friends are important. After all, while he may not be graceful at where he places his foot on the ground – even my gum-trampling friend shows others that he is walking in the footsteps of Christ by the small little posts he leaves for all the world to see.

What are you telling the world?