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Some of my favorite worship services are…

…with kids.

It is true.  Some of the greatest moments I’ve spent either pastoring in sermons or leading in worship have been with kids from preschool to about 5th grade.  This past week I was reminded of that joy when I got the privilege to put my gear together on a much smaller stage to lead our 3rd-5th graders at LifePoint Church.

There is something about seeing kids connecting with God – some of them making real connections for the first time and realizing it.  It is an overwhelming joy…and it is one that I am going to take the next minute of your time to encourage you to get involved in.

I would love to see you make a new project of sending members of your worship team to the children’s department at your church – and include yourself – to lead kids in worship.  If you cannot spare someone each week, at least make a firm commitment to do so once a month.

Our kids worship the same God and have plenty of worship to offer.  We sometimes limit their ability to worship God in song to a few cliche children’s songs.  We incorporate songs with lots of dance movements and motions on the premise that children need to be stimulated and active – but that often comes at the cost of adult volunteers trying their best to keep up with the motions and falling behind (and out of breath) when it comes to singing the words.  Somehow, the words of the songs we find for our kids get left behind as if they pale in comparison to a few motions of the hands.

Having you and members of your team who are willing to pour into your children singing songs of worship with the kids frees up your adult helpers to work on those motions while you help to solidify the words and direct in worship.

Try something new and lead kids worship for at least two months.  I can assure you that you will see a positive change in your children as you pour into them.  When you see that change – would you come back and share some stories of encouragement with us here at ?  Already pouring into your kids?  Let us know how it has affected your children’s group!  We’d love to hear about it!