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:SONG SEARCH: "Glorious One" by Steve Fee

Steve Fee has created some awesome worship songs. His song “Glorious One” is no different. It’s lyrics paint a picture of what it will be like to stand in God’s present and be able to do nothing more…than worship the “Glorious One”.

Our hands are lifted high
our hearts are bowing reverence
and we’re surrounded by
the glory of Your presence

with every creature every tongue
we’re lifting our voice to the Glorious One

Glorious One
Glorious One
Light of the world
You outshine the sun
King of all Kings
eternity sings
Glorious One

God of infinite worth
with hands that carve out the ocean
You hold the universe
and still You run to the broken

with every heart that’s been redeemed
we’re lifting our song to the Glorious King

there is none more beautiful
there is none more wonderful (repeat)