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Storage Wars: Could this be the new Dropbox?

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Move over Dropbox…here comes “Cubby”. I’ve suggested Dropbox before as a viable option to share files with other members of your worship team. Some of you complained that the free version doesn’t hold the amount of storage you need. How does

up to 25GB for free grab you?

The new service is by the folks at and features technology called DirectSync to jettison files between computers you want to access them on.

Give it a try for free using this link:

2 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Could this be the new Dropbox?”

  1. Genna says:

    I never thought about using dropbox for worship. We use the old “send email and done” method and it doesn’t seem to work. With as small as our team us – maybe this will work!

  2. (Jason W.) says:

    Let us know if you try Cubby as well. I’ve been a huge fan of dropbox…im willing to give Cubby a shot!

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