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“Study To Show Yourselves…”


I love aligning myself with great people.  As a worship leader, one of the greatest opportunities I had was having lunch in a green room with Matt Maher, Brenton Brown, and Michael Gungor.  The conversation could have lasted forever.  I absorbed so much – yet had so much more to learn.

Have you ever wished you could learn from today’s best and brightest Christian artists and worship leaders?  You can!  Within the next couple of weeks, I will be beginning two new courses that are each four weeks long that will challenge me to become a better worship leader and give me the tools I need to develop my skills.

The training is through and, through their training, I will be learning how to be a better worship leader from greats such as Andy Park, Don Moen, Dan Wilt, Matt Redman, Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott, Brian Doerksen, and Tim Hughes.  We aren’t just talking written and DVD cirriculum, either.  While does use most common forms of media for its training, it also utilizes live teaching via online and teleconferencing for a training experience that will take you the next level.

Training in how to be a better worship leader isn’t all has to offer – in May, I’ll be embarking on an amazing journey in songwriting.  The Essentials In Songwriting course will place me as the pupil to the legendary Paul Baloche and others as I spend four weeks learning how to craft the perfect song for worship.  The lessons are given by well known industry folks like Dan Wilt, Matt Redman, Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott, Brian Doerksen,  and Tim Hughes with live elements taught personally by Paul Baloche and Andy Park.

I’d love for you to share in these exciting opportunities with me.   There are several courses to choose from that are normally priced $199.  Each one of these courses have been graciously discounted to $99 and include a $20/month membership to other valuable resources for free!

Check them out today at and let them know that “got worship?” sent you!

Jason Whitehorn

Owner, Chief Visionary at got worship? Media
Jason Whitehorn is a worship leader/pastor, Christian songwriter, mentor, public speaker and Christian music promoter/publicist. Jason's articles have been published in both online and National publications and has broadcast in both radio and television - reporting and anchoring for affiliates such as ABC, CNN, and CNN Headline News. Jason is the Redemptive Arts Pastor at Grace Church in the Indianapolis-Metro area.


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