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Where Are You?

We see in our analytics that people visit our site from all over the globe – and we have been blessed with being able to coach leaders from various countries. We’d love to hear from each of you who read this – to find out

Come And Drink – FREE Music Feature

If there is one cry that I have on a daily basis it is this: PLEASE, CCM songwriters – especially those who write worship…STOP with SIMPLISTIC lines that you think will simply “relate to all”. The harsh reality is that these lyrics become so often

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Seminary Wishes

I am so thankful that I have the ability to go back to Seminary. These next few months are going to be fast-paced for me and I would like for you to pray for a couple of things: pray that I will study to the

Free Worship Planning Software?

I am blessed with opportunities with multiple churches to be asked to come lead their congregations in worship.  Some are startup churches without established worship pastors/leaders, some are in a transition period and need a worship pastor/leader for an interim basis, some have established worship

Preparing to lay down some tracks…

I’m going to soon be tracking “Masterpiece”. I already think my approach is going to be about 1/2 to 2/3’s the current tempo with with a more mysterious feel to the verses with some moniro chords replacing the current vibe. Interested to hear thoughts on