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(Originally posted in April, 2012 – but the series was never completed. This week – we plan to complete the series) Let’s admit it from the begining – many of you only clicked on this article from twitter, an email, facebook, or another source because

Should Your Church Be On Twitter?

I had a discussion once with a staff member at a church who told me that they don’t use Twitter as a church because their congregants “aren’t really into Twitter.” If this is the case for you – or if you have tried to push

Never Underestimate The Power Of Music

Recently, I was talking to one of the members of the congregation where I am Worship Pastor at and hearing some of her testimony. She very beautifully told me of how she feels about music in the church and how God can use music to

How Do You Label Your Worship?

If I were to ask you “what type of worship service do you have at your church?”, what would you say? I ask that to worship leaders and pastors often – and often get the same response: “We have a ‘Contemporary’ service.” What may surprise

What Is A Worship Pastor?

It’s a question often asked – “what is a worship pastor?”  Yesterday, we talked about a main difference between a worship leader and a worship pastor.  Today, we will dive in deeper into what makes up the composition of a worship pastor. Honestly, to begin this

The Air I Breathe: Shallow Breathing

Shallow Breathing There’s been a common theme throughout this series…and it has little to do with breathing.  You see – breathing is only relevant if you are me and require air.  The more important matter is a guy who sees himself as needed for God’s

The Air I Breathe : A Deep Breath

Breathing Easy I sat one long night on my couch working on a project that has been a two-year long plan of mine – .  It was an emotional high for me.  The project has been a dream of preparation between multiple people and

A Virtual Yule Log

While we are celebrating Christmas weekend with our family and leading Christmas Eve services at our church, we thought we would start a tradition with you – here is a virtual fireplace for you to use on your screen to help set the mood. We