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The Offering: “Making It Count”

If I’m a guessing man – Id wager that most of us place the offering at the end of the service. If I’m also guessing properly…then I’d guess that most congregants end up reacting to our treatment of the offering much like Pavlov’s dog –


Worship Team. Worship God. Worship Him. Worship the Lamb. Worship the Lord. Let’s Worship. If I could count how many times I’ve heard the word worship during the weeknight practice for the worship team (there, I said it again…) and on Sunday morning during both

To Choir…or Not To Choir

To choir…or not to choir. That is the question – and the debate.  I’ve been in several churches – and all had a different approach to choirs ranging from “can’t live without it” to “what is a choir?” We find specific references of “men and

SONG SEARCH: "Lead Me To The Cross"

From Hillsong United comes a simple yet beautiful melody that is perfect for personal reflection or as a focus in worship. “Lead Me To The Cross” continues to prove that the latest Hillsong album is the best ever. I hope you enjoy. Lead Me To