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The Amazing Symphony – Revisited

I talked last year about “The Amazing Symphony” after getting to be a part of the latest Matt Redman album and, as a result, getting to hear Louie Giglio speak in Atlanta last February. Louie is an amazing guy – and loves astronomy. It was

When Its Time To Cut The Tie

QUESTION:Define Moral Failure? You stated in a past article that you have removed individuals due to moral failure. I had to remove a band member for moral failure, but have been accused of being judgmental. Some are saying ‘we all sin and have fallen short

The Amazing Symphony

Take a long lasting look at the picture above. At first glance – it is nothing more than a group of stars. I can assure you…it is so much more. This group of illuminated heavens are estimated to be over ten billion years old. Its

The Internet Age

According to GigaTweet, we are about 2 days until Twitter reaches one billion. Twitter has become wildely popular these days. I know I use it to “chat” with my friends, update my Facebook…and even send status alerts to show you when this blog is updated.

:SONG SEARCH: "Glorious One" by Steve Fee

Steve Fee has created some awesome worship songs. His song “Glorious One” is no different. It’s lyrics paint a picture of what it will be like to stand in God’s present and be able to do nothing more…than worship the “Glorious One”. Our hands are