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This….Is Seriously Cool.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there was a time in movies that writers and directors envisioned such technology. Still – this is VERY cool. I still say, however, God is current…and

Worship From Within

Recently on my twitter account I asked the question : What is worship?  I have enjoyed reading through the various responses to the question and wanted to share my take on worship with each of you. Recently, we discussed the simple fact that we are

Sensitive Subjects: Sexual Abuse…and God

Fair warning.  The video that is contained in this article is…well…hard to watch, listen to, comprehend, or talk about.  It is, however, a reality.  It may be going on in your own church right now…or it may be going on with someone close to you.  I

Chris Tomlin on Worship Leading

On of my my favorite conferences to connect with many of you at is Lift : A Worship Leader Collective in Atlanta, GA. If you miss it – you miss something fantastic.  If you go to them – you understand the “fantastic” appreciation of that word.

Do You Talk Too Much?

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Talking As A Leader” From Gordon Moore, serving in Spain QUESTION:Talk Much? “Do you talk much when leading worship services? Some worship leaders say almost nothing while others talk as much as some preachers. How do

Death of A Worship Leader

As a self-proclaimed web guru who is a worship leader/pastor by trade and who pastors to other worship leaders/pastors online via his site…I hear plenty of stories on a regular basis of pastor burnout. Perhaps you have been at a church where the worship leader