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New Tuner Comes In A Small Package

I must admit – I love opening the mail I get from Planet Waves.  There is always something lurking in each brown box that screams “This-should-have-been-invented-a-decade-ago” …and I get the privilege to try it out and tell you all about it.  One of those new toys is

REVIEW: Luna Trinity Guitar

It is a thing of beauty when a guitar can look unique, sound great, and still cost a reasonable amount. Now, there is a new definition for “thing of beauty”…and it is called a Luna Trinity. I’ll be honest, this guitar has had its ups

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Guitar vs. Art

 [album:] Ok…I’ll admit – the main purpose for this article is to try out some filter work on my cell phone’s camera as well as a new plugin for WordPress that puts pictures in a photo album embeded in a blog post.  More information

“Best Of…” Awards : Best Hybrid Guitar

We set out this month to find the answer to a couple of questions: “The best acoustic guitar for a worship leader/acoustic worship musician is a ___________________?” “The best electric guitar for a worship musician is a __________________?” When Taylor Guitars was bold enough to

Day 2 of IMMERSE

Day two of IMMERSE has drawn to a close and has been beautiful from start to finish.  The morning opened with worship from Travis Cottrell and some words of inspiration from Michael W. Smith.  (For the record, worship is beautiful and very vertical with a