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Never Underestimate The Power Of Music

Recently, I was talking to one of the members of the congregation where I am Worship Pastor at and hearing some of her testimony. She very beautifully told me of how she feels about music in the church and how God can use music to

Finding God in His Secret Treehouse

We often think about worship on a Sunday when we prepare for our worship services.  We have gotten passed the notion of only calling the music portion of our services “worship” and traded it in for a broader reality that the entire service is an

The Air I Breath: Short of Breath

Gasp…Gasp…Gasp… My calling is to lead worship – and it is up to God to say when I am to stop being a worship leader…and not any man.  I can’t be silenced from singing for God… …oh young man, how you need to be humbled…and


Perspective… It’s a strange word… …but life is a matter of it. I took this picture as I was leaving my Nashville office on Music Row a few years back.  It marked the 46 minute mark in me making forward progress of only about 50 yards.

Love happens…even when words dont

  "Comida!" It was about the only word I knew in spanish to say – but I really didn’t need any others.  An entire community – mainly occupied by hispanic families – dealing with the aftermath of the recent Middle Tennessee flooding…and we were about