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Be Quiet. Seriously

There are times when we talk too much. I do it too – so I have carefully viewed the collection of rocks that have been hurled at me over the years before I hand selected one to throw at you. I could clearly eye my

Pure Praise : Week 1 Studies

Day 1:  "All That Is Within Me" David proclaims the words utter by many songwriters over the years in Psalm 103:1 : "Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!" David is proclaiming that all that is

Words From Amos

We cant begin to help others until we realize why….and how our times are, by no means “bad”. We have “bad times” only based on our perception of what “financial stability” and “shortfalls” are.

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Social Networking

How interesting this past year has been! During the past year I was introduced to two rather interesting forms of “networking” – Facebook and Twitter. At first, these two mediums (especially Twitter) seems a little strange. “Why would anyone in their right minds just openly